Where the “Power of Love Lives”

Brotherly Love- “Christ's Commandment”


All Christ's Congregations; all are men.
He commanded his men to have love for another and to be grown
With the passion in order to fight each other's pain
Just as he fought his own.
          Yet ah! Why our love should be exalted?
  Because sorrow never comes too late
          And happiness too swiftly flies.
Though, without the brotherly love, Jehovah will destroy our paradise.
          No more foolishness; where is brotherly love, there is bliss.
Don't be a fool, with the Godly love it is good to be wise.

This poem Highlights:

  • True meaning of brotherly love.
  • Importance of having true agape.
  • Importance of sticking close to another.

Reasons for this poem are to:

  • Point out that love is one of the marks of true Christianity
  • Recognize loving someone is a work in progress because our “happiness [can]swiftly fly away.

Inspired by:

  • John 13:34, 35

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