New “To my Dear Friend”


I really love you because you are my friend.

I really love you because we both are Witnesses of God.

Our friendship will suffer some tests, but we do not fear them

Because nothing in this world will make us fall.

My dear friend I love you-

I will always pray for you because

You make me smile every day.

Just like me you like to help people

And make them smile by telling them ‘the Good News from God.’

When they respond to the Good News

They may cry because they now know the future is not so grim.

That makes us happy because they now have the best hope:

Everlasting life – possible if we give the best to God.

My dear friend I love you because:

You always put God first,

And I will tell others about you every day.

You are so beautiful to see

That there is nothing else to do- just smile.

Yet, your beautiful heart is what makes me smile more.

Jehovah knows all, and he knows what makes us happy.

Thus, I am happy he has collided our hearts together as friends.

My dear friend I love you because:

Your uniqueness is your beautiful soul.  

And I see it every day of your life.

Just remember: You always will be “My Dear Friend” and I will always love you.