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Where the “Power of Love Lives”

Remembering Those who are “Sleeping in Death”

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Sebaptiste Augustin (1939-2015)

  • Helping those in need was what he did best.
  • He was not a perfect dad but he showed his love according to his own rules and ways.
  • His death was tragic but the hope of the resurrection still lives on and see why he will be missed.

Magdeline François (1938-2013)

  • Servant of Jehovah with tremendous zeal for the preaching work.
  • Spiritual mother to many and cared deeply about spiritual welfare of others.
  • Her full reward for putting kingdom interests first will come through the resurrection hope- not guaranteed but the hope is what comforts us those who loved her. Click here and read what she accomplished for Jehovah.

Mireille Bernard (1953-2009)

  • A beloved: Wife, mom, sister, aunt, grandma, cousin, friend, and more importantly a servant of Jehovah
  • Loved to cook just as preaching about God's Kingdom.
  • Read this poem and find out why we must continue to tell others about the blessings of God's promised new world and what the resurrection hope has to do with the late Mireille Bernard and many others.