Nicoleta Christodoulou: “Unique” is the Name 

Nicoleleta is unique not because of the name.

Indeed, she is unique because there’s no one like her.

Cool as a cucumber,

Optimism is in her blood because she is not lame.

Likeable she is because “love’ is in her.

Easy to get along with because she doesn’t seek fame.

Thus, Nicoleta is unique because those who know her like her.

Awesome is Nicoletta because that is “her” and her name.


Calmness does not mean she is naïve.

Hard-working she is, because she is a believer to what’s good.

Reflecting on what’s good has helped to achieve

Irrefutable success.

Success is not measured by our number of years on planet earth.

Undeniably, success is measured by our impact on those we love.

Safe to say, Nicoleta’s success is yet fully measured on planet earth.

Her success will be a good one because of her:

Open-heart- her heart will never be an obdurate one; misery is too great.

Daughterly affection-always showing daughter-like affection those who love her.

Uniqueness- simply because she is Nicoleta Christodoulou-nothing is too great.

Laws can be changed but principles are inscribed in our hearts

Overseeing our morals. For that,

Universally speaking, Nicoleta Christodoulou is the person who always will be in our hearts.