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NewGinetta Lavilette: “Is about her and Jehovah”

Written for Ginetta Lavilette


Ginetta Lavilette has a great personality that matches her

Incredible love for the Almighty Jehovah.

Nice is too inadequate to describe her

Excellent ways of treating the men and women of Jehovah.

Treating people nicely is far less important but her

Teachings of the Good News have brought all kinds of people to Jehovah.

As a result, Jehovah has blessed her.


Loyalty is always manifested with her

Anthony- together serving Jehovah's people and staying loyal to Jehovah.

Valuable deeds are not done for her

Indulgence of glory but to show her love for Jehovah.

Loving Jehovah with all her heart, soul, thoughts, and with all her

Energy is not an act but her conformity to one of the commandments of Jehovah.

Thus, Ginetta Lavilette is a Sister to all- but her

Tranquility and serenity over all- make the heart of Jehovah

Extremely happy- We are extremely grateful that we know her.



©2014, 2012 Wallythepoet(wallythepoet.com)






This poem Highlights:

  • Ginetta's great personality and her love for Jehovah.
  • Her ways of treating all kinds with respect.
  • Her conduct and deeds prove it is truly “about her and Jehovah”

Reasons for this poem are to:

  • Affirm that Jehovah blesses those who uphold his commandments.
  • Show the importance of humility among God's people.
  • Follow Ginetta's footsteps in serving Jehovah with vigor and everything we do, we should work at it [with] whole-souled.

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