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“O My Joy”

To Mrs. Joy S. Dickens

As a great joy flows through me

And makes my pathway bright


Each day brings me rejoicing

And reasons for delight


Joy puts a smile upon my face;

Her light glows in my eyes.


As I express my thanks to Joy for her blessings

I came to realize


Joy's company makes my strength stronger.

I'm stronger than ever.


Joy's peace of mind makes my mind stable

My Joy, my mother, my hope, my Guidance Counselor.


Joy as a whole enriches my self-esteem

And I am enjoying the new me.


I thank the Westbury Public schools

For placing Joy in my heart.


Her joy lifts my soul

Thank you God for a great Joy.


Because of you, those you touch

Always overflowed with joy.



   ©1995, 2012-WaliWORLD


This poem Highlights:

  • Mrs. Joy Dickens' warmth as a Guidance Counselor.
  • What a smile can do for a person.
  • The power that we all have-making someone else's day bright.

Reasons for this poem are to:

  • Thank the Westbury Public schools for placing Joy in my heart.
  • Express thanks to those who make life easier for those society sees as being different.
  • Encourage individuals to be there for each other.

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