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“Because you are one of a Kind”

Your sweet personality has touched many
Because your heart is beautiful and kind.
Your friendship is very appealing to many
Because all you have met, instantly know you are kind.
Your fine conduct is a perfect example for many
Because acting otherwise would not be kind.
You are a daughter, a sister, and a friend to many
Because you see everyone as one of a kind.
You are equal to many
Because those who know and love you transform themselves to be kind.
You are so nice to many
Because there is no room in your heart not to be kind.
You are a beautiful soul that can be seen by many
Because you shine away with everything that’s good and kind.
You are smart to many
Not because of your intelligence but because you want everyone to be refined and kind.
Your voice is sweet and gentle to many
Because they can hear every single little drop of kindness and everything that’s kind.
Your are so special not to one person but to many
Because you truly define the word kind.
In all, you are a true friend to many
Because you are one of a kind and that is what God wants for mankind.

©2015-WaliWORLD (wallythepoet.com)

This poem Highlights:

  • What makes someone “one of a kind.
  • Why we need Kindness in our lives.
  • A wonderful person who embodies what Kindness” really is.

Reasons for this poem are to:

  • Honor a modest person who manifests kindness” to a degree every day.
  • List all the qualities needed in order to be kind.
  • Show it does not take special talents or gifts to be kind- just let your good deeds speak for you.
  • Encourage all of us to be kinder and gentler souls just as this special person tries to be. In doing so, we all can be “one of a kind.

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