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Magdeline François: My Spiritual Mother


Psalm 68: 11 says women are part of Jehovah’s large army in telling the good news. Then, Sister or Sœur (sister in French) François was one the Lieutenant Generals of that army. Why? Simply because on the day of her demise she just finished her full share of public ministry and Bible studies. In addition, as a spiritual mother she taught some of us the value of Bible principles. Just like a general, Sr. François knew when to give counsels, rebuke, and redress an issue because she did not want one of her spiritual son or daughters to stray away from the truth.

Loving the truth the same way as Sister François is spiritually comforting in this time of sorrow. It is comforting to know that she loved me because some of you have expressed that to me including her biological and spiritual children. My bond, love, relationship, and admiration were special. In the 1990s up to early 2000s Sr, François and I (alongside her late husband) were inseparable spiritually. We did everything together. We commuted from Westbury to Far Rockaway (to help the French Congregation) at least thPink Roseree times a week for long hours just for kingdom work activities. People started to refer me as a son of the François’. Truthfully I was a son because Sr. François always referred as me “my son,” simply “Wawa” or a combination of both. I cannot remember the last time she called me by first name (Wallens). To honor that, prior to her death, I wrote a poem entitled “Wawa” in both French and Haitian-Creole. After showing her both poems, she smiled and said: “That is Good Wawa.” 

What made our relationship so unique and special is that our love for each other was visible. Just seeing us together, one can tell and feel the love. Words or actions were not needed. Still, I must say the best spiritual counsels I ever received (based on the Scriptures) were from Sr. François. She always made the point that she was giving me counsels because I am her “son” not as a baptized brother.  Otherwise, she would not give them to me due to her profound respect for the theocratic arrangement. She was my second mother since no topics were off limit including my spiritual welfare, troubles at work, and any other concerns that I had including if I had finally told the sister that she knew that I have had crush on a sister  for many years. I will miss all of conversations we had dearly but I reflect on them when I need to.

I know I am of many sons and daughters she left behind just like me they are in mourning too. Of course her family will miss her the most. Still, the presence of her spiritual sons and daughters will comfort the family that we all will miss Sr. François very much.

In the end, Magdeline François was more than a spiritual mother, she was a friend of Jehovah. Her zeal for the ministry is an example for all of us who hope to see in the new paradise earth. As stated before, our much-loved Sister or Sœur François did not “give up” on her ministry (2 Cor. 4:1) and yes she “endured to the end” (Matt 24:13). Now, my mom, our beloved Magdeline François awaits Jehovah’s promise of all things new where “the former things have passed away” (Rev 21:1-4).     


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This Tribute Highlights:

  • Why sister Francois was a spiritual mother to many.
  • My bond, love and admiration for sister Francois.
  • The zeal that Sister Francois had for the ministry.

Reasons for this tribute are to:

  • Point out the importance for all of us to be a spiritual kin to someone.
  • Promote agape love- always try to be there for one another.
  • Show that it is possible to be known as one of the  Jehovah's friends by our conduct, example, respect for theocratic order, and our zeal for the ministry.
  • Remind all of us that we must “'Exert [our]selves vigorously...” (Luke 13:24) in order for us to be united with our beloved Magdeline François, who is sleeping in death and awaiting Jehovah’s promise of all things new where “the former things have passed away” (Rev. 21:1-4) including death.

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