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My father Jehovah 


When I feel sick
He always makes me feel good
Because he knows happiness makes life “livable.”

When I am depressed
He knows what to say through his words
Because everything in the Bible was written for my “well-being.”

When I am sad
He gives me sweet words
Because he knows my heart “exults with joy” when I am happy.

When I have doubts
He encourages me
Because he knows my deepest thoughts and the deepest corner of my heart.

When I feel foolishly strong
He lowers me to the ground
Because he wants to remind me that I am a“man of dust.”

When I need to speak with someone who understands me
He patiently listens to me
Because he wants me to “draw closer to him.”

When I need to speak about him
He opens my lips wide enough in order for others to hear the truth
Because he knows "the truth" leads to the “road of everlasting life.”

When I need a happy family
He gives me his organization and his worldwide congregation
Because he knows this is the only place I can find a family filled with happiness.

When I need a person to share my “appreciation for spiritual things”  
He gives me my “favorite person of all the time”
Because he knows on occasions men need “to comfort and build each other up.”

When I am alone in life
He gives me all support that I need to survive
Because he knows everything- He knows everything because “he is my father: Jehovah!”

Inspired by songs 91, 110 (Sing to Jehovah)


©2010, 2012-NewWALIWorld/Wallythepoet

Embedded Song: Sing to Jehovah, Song #91.


This poem Highlights:

  • Jehovah's personality as a father.
  • How Jehovah sustains his faithful servants in times of need.
  • The realness of Jehovah.
  • Jehovah's willingness to be our friend.

Reasons for this poem are to:

  • Confirm that Jehovah God does exist and a relationship with him is possible.
  • Attest that Jehovah is the only being in the universe who knows my heart and yours.
  • Prove that like a good father, Jehovah always provides what we need to survive.
  • Show if we speak about him now, we will benefit future blessings such as everlasting life.
  • Acclaim that Jehovah as the true God. Thus, I am  never alone because “he is my father: Jehovah!”

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