Where the “Power of Love Lives”

 My Window

My Life

As I look through my life wonders
I see a man
Gently swaying to a world filled with hatred.

While off in a distance,
The Great mountain rises
To the power of God where it peaks ever reach possible
Almost touching the sky of the devil.

The power of God's love
Sweetly touches my heart:
My emotions run rampant
My eyes fill with tears
My hand touches the touch of God's love.

Tears of joy, not sorrow-
From my glass I see
The power of God's love
All the beauties of God's nature.

Jehovah God has created a man
Whose life has been affected by the Devil's acts of cruelty.
But he has bestowed upon this man
The message of love.

Because of that,
I do believe in the power of love
And the power of God.

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This poem Highlights:

  • The power of God's love and the quality of love.
  • The Devil's cruelty but why it does not match with God's touch.
  • Despite the challenges in one's life, the message of “love” must be shown.

This poem was written for:

  • The depressed ones and for them not to forget God formed us- he knows what we need to be joyous.
  • Those of us with infirmities and we must remember that we are beautiful and strong. In addition, Jehovah God has given us the power to inspire others.
  • All of us with tears in our eyes and to not let the Devil's act of cruelty discourage us. Instead,  it should motivate us to do what is good and righteous.

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