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"A perfect woman in an imperfect world"

No one knows what love ought to be
But when I dream what love ought to be
I see her face not only because of her physical beauty
But also because she is a devoted servant of the Almighty.

Staying in Jehovah's tent for long
Time requires faith and we must believe that the long
Wait for a new system will end soon and we will have our lifelong
Purpose, which is, to serve Jehovah freely and to him we do belong.
She is one of those who love him
Because preaching about him
And the end of a grim
World is her permanent delight and her devotion is to him.
Delightful ones are happy because she helps them to see God's kingdom
In a new light and for them to realize that the promised paradise will come
For those who manifest true appreciation for Christ's ransom
That has freed us from sin and allowed us to be subjects of the kingdom.

We all sinners or imperfect
Souls but she is the perfect
Woman in an imperfect
World- whose presence alone has perfected my world even though she is not perfect.
Her love thuds my heart to do goodness
Not only because there is a natural sweetness
About her but she always defends God's legitimacy with boldness
And that is why she exemplifies the qualities of a godly woman with melodiousness.

In the end, she is a perfect woman in an imperfect world
Because her beauties always shine in a world
Filled with evil and darkness and that world
Will soon end and in the meantime let me savor her joy in my little world.


©2010, 2012-NewWALIWorld/Wallythepoet

This poem Highlights:

  • The definition of the "Spiritual mate."
  • The duties of the "Spiritual mate."
  • The descriptions of the "Spiritual mate."

Reasons for this poem are to:

  • List factors that prove the future mate is committed to something higher- we both will serve Jehovah freely and to him we [will continue to] belong.
  • Illustrate how the "Spiritual mate" must show compassion to others in both physical and spiritual ways.
  • Portray her beauty as being perfect not because she is perfect, but because she is real, godly, sweet, and naturally good in what she does.
  • Demonstrate how her actions always shine and brighten the wicked world.

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