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 “A Simple smile”  


 My life has many bad shadows of evilness
But your smile lights them with goodness
Simply because it consoles my heart and that will always be forever!
My life has many obscurities of what a good life ought to be
But your smile illumes the possibilities what a good life ought to be
Simply because it revives my soul when there is no hope.
My life has many troubles that make me cry
But your smile makes them go with a fly
Simply because it dries all the tears from my eyes.
My life has encountered many cold hands
But your smile has touched my inner lands
Simply because it is the “hot” tourniquet to my broken bones. 
My life is a never-ending episode of madness with some good
But your smile always captures the essence of what is good
Simply because it beautifies my whole soul.
©2013- Wallythepoet/WaliWORLD

This poem Highlights:

  • Why a smile illumes life.
  • Why a smile can change someone's state of mind.
  • Why a smile bring happiness.

Reasons for this poem are to:

  • Reasons to smile more especially to brokenhearted ones.
  • Promulgate "smile" as an agent of what's good about life.
  • Remind all of us that love always comes with a "smile."

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