Where the “Power of Love Lives”

Someone special does not come
With Age nor with beauty
It simply manifests itself through genuine kindness.

Kindness is what makes you special to me
And you have accepted me
Even with my “hot mess.”

Fairness comes before love
Because without fairness
Life is unlivable.
Yet, love still conquers and supports all.

To be fair, we listen to each other
Not because it is required of us
But we simply do it because we are fair-minded individuals.

Individually, we are special
Not because we are handsome and pretty souls
But simply because we are truly special souls

You are that soul that has come
To my life like a new song
That brings joy into my life.

©2012 WaliWORLD

This poem Highlights:

  • What makes someone special
  • The characteristics needed to be special to someone.
  • Why speaking the "truth" makes someone special.

Reasons for this poem are to:

  • Honor someone special who constantly manifests “genuine kindness.”
  • Praise someone special who has passionate heart to what is good and walks with integrity.
  • Acknowledge someone for putting her trust in God not in men.
  • Let the world know there is  someone special who always accept me and encourage me to be a better person.

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