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New"My Mother's Yellow Kitchen"

 It was in and about dinner time
   When the green leaves were falling
And cooked to the oven.
I fell in love with my mother's kitchen.

My mother sent down through her town
   To her place where beauty lied with the smell of happiness;
"O my dear kitchen and let me come to your lovely air
   And let me be your master
If you be my mother's kitchen."

O slowly, O slowly I moved
To the place where the marble cabinets called my name
   And when my mother drew the curtain by,
   "Young man, I think you are hungry."

O I'm hungry, very hungry
And it's because of the white GE refrigerator
   And the off white oven opposite each other.
O better for me I was never hungry
   Because of my mother's kitchen blood was always spilling.

I do remember
   When the red wine stand filled every heart
That made healths* go round around
   Thanks to my mother's kitchen.

I turned my face unto the wall
   And death was with me dealing
When THE BIG YELLOW KITCHEN was aborted for a new one.

"Adieu, adieu my kitchen
   And be kind to my kitchen."

*Health is normally a singular word. The terms "Healths" is being used just for poetic license purposes and in this poem, it refers to the health of at least two or more people. 


©2014, 1998- WaliWORLD

This poem Highlights:

  • What my mom's yellow kitchen meant to me.
  • The attachment that I had with the yellow kitchen as a young boy.
  • A physical change can have on the mind.

Reasons for this poem are to:

  • Recall some good memories of my childhood.
  • Recall the breakfasts,  lunches, and dinners I had with my family.
  • Recall the sadness I felt when the big yellow kitchen was no more.

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