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New “To my Dear Friend”


I really love you because you are my friend.

I really love you because we both are Witnesses of God.

Our friendship will suffer some tests, but we do not fear them

Because nothing in this world will make us fall.

My dear friend I love you-

I will always pray for you because

You make me smile every day.

Just like me you like to help people

And make them smile by telling them ‘the Good News from God.’

When they respond to the Good News


Jolene Collazo

Just another co-worker?
Of course not!

Lot's more and definitely not a mocker.
Eager to spread instead the joy of life and the love that knot
Nice people together- Yes, she is more than a co-worker:
Exceptional human being and her loyalty cannot be bought.

Characterized by all to be
Overprotected of those she knows.
Leaning on her is permitted of those who want to be
Loved because she knows
About life's troubles and how people can be.
Zenith power? That is the power of her smile and she knows
Overflowing with happiness is what we want and outstanding is what we want to be.

My father Jehovah 

When I feel sick
He always makes me feel good
Because he knows happiness makes life “livable.”

When I am depressed
He knows what to say through his words
Because everything in the Bible was written for my “well-being.”

When I am sad
He gives me sweet words
Because he knows my heart “exults with joy” when I am happy.

When I have doubts
He encourages me
Because he knows my deepest thoughts and the deepest corner of my heart.


Jehovah's Loyal Servant


Even with distress' visitation
Your love for Jehovah is enduring and real
Because you continue to preach without hesitation.
Hence, you inspire others to feel
Jehovah's loyal love and affection.
Indeed, you are the real deal
And a special person in the congregation.
Thus, may Jehovah's hands of steel
Fortify your faith and your devotion.
Without a doubt, you are a blessing because of your zeal.
Just remember: for a few of us, you're an inspiration.


Life is a great adventure
Life is the greatest challenge of all challenges.
We live for life.

Life has its own sun rays
But it also has its own dark clouds.
Each new day, we must know how to deal with life.
Life is bestowed upon us
Life is good and sometimes it can be a little undesirable.
We must enjoy life to its fullest.

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